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Do you love mysteries and weird plot twists? Then you should not miss this analog horror game. Alternate Watch The Mandela Catalogue has just been released, but it has already attracted a huge audience. What is so special about this new project? First of all, horror fans love it for a bunch of challenges and scares it comes with. If you are the player who loves weird adventures, you should not miss it either. Possibly, this cool entertainment will not only make you feel chills down your body but also become one of your favorite online games. Time to test it!


What is that all about?

As you know, analog horror games are tightly intertwined with paranormal things that not only scare the players to death, but also make them doubt their sanity. In thin particular story, you play for a night guard. But even your job is far from being traditional. You will not be physically on the facility you need to guard. Your job is fully remote. But it does not mean that it will be an easy thing to do. The task is to monitor the house through the surveillance cameras that are installed there. You must control the screen during the whole night even if that house is empty. What should you look for? There are a lot of strange things may happen here – you must spot and send a report about your finding as soon as possible. Sometimes, you will feel that you are not alone and something creepy is lurking around. Do you believe you have enough skills and courage for this mission? Then let’s get started!

Study all possible anomalies

As it has been already mentioned, you must not miss any strange things in the house under your control. But it is important to know what you must be looking for. These are so-called anomalies that can happen quire unexpectedly. The range of these things is impressive. First of all, these are simple displacements – when a piece of furniture or any object changes their places. You should understand that some paranormal powers stand behind it – so push the report button to delete the anomaly. Sometimes, you may see the contours of particular objects are doubled or blurred – these are also reasons for sending an alarm. Make sure you remember well the original state of each room, otherwise you will miss a lot of things. Do not worry you are making too many reports – you are not restricted here. Even if you make a false notification – you will get a response that there is no anomaly here. But the scariest part of the story is still ahead. Wait until 2 am to feel a real fear!

Beware of intruders!

In the middle of the night, when your eyes are literally closing, you will notice something alarming. As you are moving between the rooms, you will suddenly hear a noise of the opening door. Who could be here if the house is supposed to be empty. It is one of the intruders! There are several types of paranormal creatures that can appear from nowhere! Learn whom can you see to know how to send a report correctly. You can see Flawed, this is an alternate being that masks under the human appearance. Another intruder is Pure Form, it is black-out shape with white eyes. These paranormal entities can also appear as Preachers, Tulpa and Corpses! So do not panic if you see a dead body in one of the rooms – just report it in time to get rid of it. And the last category of anomalies is Unknown. When you come across something strange and struggle to classify – press the Unknown variant to be on the safe side. Make sure you do not miss any of the intruders as they may get dangerous.  If you do not react in time – these creepy being will try to reach the cameras. You must stay on the alert till the last minute of your shift to pass this unusual quest. Will you handle it flawlessly? Good luck!

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