Amanda The Adventurer

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4 stars (2votes)

An exciting horror game that will make you forget about everything around you and focus on the main adventure. Observation, logic and ingenuity will help to win.


The main character is a pretty girl Amanda. On behalf of her aunt, she goes to the attic, and unwittingly becomes a member of a terrible, but at the same time an interesting adventure.
The room contains a huge number of items, many of which will help Amanda defeat the sinister monster. The main thing is to guess which one the girl needs at this particular moment.
A beginner should focus on a TV with a VCR, which is in the corner. There are many cassettes hidden in the attic, each containing important information. The girl needs to find them and insert them into the VCR.
As the story progresses, the gamer will realize that an evil spirit has settled in the attic. Its main task is to eliminate all the inhabitants. The entity is ancient and clearly unwilling to compromise. Only one will remain alive.
In addition to objects and video cassettes, puzzles can be found in the attic. Everyone can solve them, the main thing is to understand the principle of the riddle.

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