Garten Of Banban

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Another gift for fans of entertainment in the horror genre. Try to stay alive and at the same time achieve the main goal – to destroy the powerful evil.


The main character is a loving father who is trying to find his son in a creepy kindergarten. There are a lot of locations in the building. Each can bring a gamer an unpleasant surprise. You should not lose vigilance and forget that not only the father and the child, but also other insidious creatures are in the room.
A man needs to find his offspring. Crazed humanoid monsters oppose him. Their weapons are their own claws and teeth. At the slightest opportunity, they are ready to pounce on a person and eliminate him. A feature of Garten of Banban is that in some fairly rare cases, villains can go over to the side of good and help their father in his search.
The boy can be in any room. At the same time, one of the levels allows the gamer to play for him and bring the long-awaited meeting with the parent closer.
The final meeting will show who is stronger – good or ruthless evil. The user will have to demonstrate all their abilities and get out of the terrible kindergarten.

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