Eyes: The Horror Game

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Come face first-hand with a serious threat in the shape of old wandering specter Charlie and the bloodthirsty, vengeance-seeking creepy and strange-looking monster Creasy ( Lots of spooks and weirdos to come). Investigate and loot the spooky derelict Mansion, and the terrifying old Hospital and other scary places.
The game begins by showing us a chat room in which the protagonist is chatting with someone on the side. Right after that we are shown the brief rules of the game and, as they say, here we go. Depending on the difficulty level, you’ll need to collect 12, 20 or 30 bags of money. After you have looted the necessary amount of money, you need to go back to the beginning and pass through the locked door. Of course, to do this will not be easy.
Use the location’s special characteristics to your benefit – use the mystic forces of the Eyes to unravel the warped mind the monster, drinking the apothecary’s Potions to gain temporal enhancements, referring to the, drawn by hand, maps to plot your dangerous effort.
Enjoy a deep, obscure horror and scary environment, with disturbing background music and weird, ethereal voices of spooks and noises
Challenge others in a thrilling Endless Mode, earn numerous accomplishments, and top the Global Leaders Lists. Facing your horrors and scares, only don’t get lost in the moment.

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