Choo Choo Charles

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Mysterious and interesting horror from the first person. The player will have to plunge into the atmosphere of a creepy island. The history of this piece of land can terrify even the most sophisticated fan of the genre.


The main character travels around the island by train. Throughout the game he is pursued by an incredible monster. On account of this creature is already more than one ruined innocent life.
In addition to the main villain, gamers should not forget about other monsters, no less insidious, though not as mobile. One of the creatures lives in the thicket of the dark forest. Another villain is located in one of the many rivers that feed the island.
The player’s task is to destroy the main monster. In this difficult matter, a train can help him. The vehicle needs to be upgraded. You can improve not only speed, maneuverability, but also weapons and protection.
You can get materials for upgrading after solving the next puzzle. There are a lot of them on the island. The main thing is not to lose vigilance. Monsters are not asleep and will try to attack the brave traveler at the slightest opportunity. If luck still turns away from the little driver, you just need to restart the game.

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