Alternate Watch All Intruders

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Have you already tried to pass Alternate Watch? Then you already know what kind of game you are going to play. But for new players, here is a short introduction. You will enjoy an analog horror project which differs from the majority if the games in this genre. There are no monsters or evil opponents to confront but still, there are enough chills and scares here. You are to play for a security guard that works remotely. In other words, you are to monitor one house with the help of surveillance cameras. The task is to control everything what happens in that place and report anomalies. And these can be really heart-thumping!

What anomalies are possible?

Before you start your shift, you need to know what types of things are considered to be anomalies and what you should look for. When you only start the game, you need to go through all the rooms and remember how everything is arranged – furniture and other things. When you are doing a repeat tour – your task is to ensure these all are in the same places. Otherwise, you need to report if you see something displaced or a new object appeared. You can find all categories of anomalies in the menu – these include imagery, displacement, flawed, mimic and many other. If you report these weird events in time – they will be amended. But the scariest situation is to meet an intruder! You will feel your blood freezing in your veins when a strange figure appears on the screen.

Do not miss any intruder

Sometimes when you are shifting through the rooms, you may hear a strange sound as though a door opens. This sign mean some paranormal entities are here! These creatures are really dangerous. There are several types of them. The first type is Tulpa – these are figures that mainly appear in mirrors. You can also come across Corpse – a dead body that can be found in any room. You can also meet Preacher, a cloaked figure that produced scary whispers. If you want to get rid of these terrible creatures, you must report them timely. But for this, you must correctly report the type of the intruder. Once you made an instant alert, the anomaly will be removed. Start now to check if you can do it flawlessly.

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