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If you love horror games, then you surely know that this genre has a lot of subgenres – games with monsters and jumspcares, psychological trials and various survival adventures. A comparatively new type of these games is analog horror. As this subgenre is quite young, you will not find many projects yet. However, today, you are offered to test a thrilling project that will make your heart beat faster. Are you in the mood for a good portion of adrenaline? You will enjoy this cool adventure!

What’s your objective?

Actually, the main character does not have any special role. At least, this is how it looks at first glance. All you need to do is to sit in an empty room and watch the computer screen. What will you see there? The computer is connected to surveillance cameras that are installed in the apartment you see the first time. Sometimes, strange things happen in this dwelling, and your task is to spot and report them. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? But wait before you sigh with relief. A lot of weird anomalies will unfold in front of your eyes. Some of them are really scary, sometimes, you will even feel your hair move after what you see on the screen. But you have to overcome your fear and react to any strange thing as soon as possible. Are you ready for such an unusual quest? It is going to be an absolutely new experience!

Are you really attentive?

The menu will allow you to switch between all rooms in the house you monitor. There are enough premises there – a hall, a bedroom, a kid’s room, a kitchen and even a bathroom. At first. Go through all these rooms and try to remember how furniture and other things are positioned. You must be extremely attentive to keep all these details in your head. Now make another tour to check if nothing changed. Even if you notice just a displaced object. How can you amend everything? You need to report this anomaly through a special button. Be careful – you will have a whole list of anomalies and you must choose the right category. There will be lots of things to report. You may even notice some strange shadows – these are paranormal intruders. No matter how terrified you may feel – you should immediately press a relevant button. In the end of the shift, you will receive a summary of your actions. It will also show how many important anomalies you have missed. Will you pass this trial without mistakes?

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