Alternate Watch – The Mandela Catalogue

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Analog horror games are gaining popularity, attracting more and more fans. You may have already played The Mandela Catalogue where you faced alternates, paranormal creatures that can transform into something similar to humans. The task of the player to analyze the picture and distinguish between this creature and a true person. The activity is really scary. And now, you will enjoy a so-called sequel of this game, even if your task is going to be completely different. Are you ready for a new trial of your psychological resistance?

A little about the game’s objective.

You will have a special task in this new entertainment. You monitor a house you have never been to. But you are assigned to control everything inside it now. You are not physically in that place, you can only access it through surveillance cameras that are installed in that house. The observation system allows you to freely move from one room to another. Before you can spot anything strange, you must know how everything is arranged in each area. Try to remember as much as you can – the success of your performance fully depends on it. What are you supposed to find alarming? It is everything that differs from the original state of the house. Do not ignore displaced objects and other anomalies. You may notice that a painting on the wall is different or that the contours of the object have doubled. All that should be reported without delay. Look for a report button on the screen, press on the relevant category and amend the weird situation.

It becomes really scary!

Once the clock ticks 2 am, things become really creepy. This is the time when various creatures activate. You never know whom you can face. It can be just a spooky reflection in the mirror. But sometimes you can hear a sound of an opening door – its means a treacherous intruder is here! There are several types of them that you can meet. There are alternates, terrible creatures from the parallel dimension that can easily transform their appearances and look like humans. If you do not take urgent measures, these creatures will reach cameras and break them. It means that you may fail your mission! Note that it is not enough to press the report button when you hear a strange noise or see a shadow. You must correctly determine the category of the intruder to successfully delete it. Are you able to react properly in such a risky situation? Test your reflexes!

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