Alternate Watch Horror

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Horror games keep trending. And some of them are really unusual. Can you imagine a horror game without monsters and jumpscares? Then you are to test Alternate Watch, an adventure where you will feel goosebumps down your back even without terrible opponents. You are a security guard and must control a house that you see on the screen. Do not even doubt – this game will let you feel what real fear is. If you do not believe, it is time to start.

Do not take your eyes off the screen!

You may think that the job is more than easy. There is nothing special about monitoring the rooms remotely. Surveillance cameras allow you to easily switch between the rooms and check what is going on in each corner. Every room is full of furniture and other things like paintings and decorations. And you need to remember the position of each object to be able to notice when something goes wrong. When you return to this or that room, check if everything is the same. If you see that something has been displaced, has disappeared or just looks strange – make sure you send a report about an anomaly. You will have a special button for this. But you must also select an appropriate category of the spotted anomaly to amend it.

Do not miss anything important!

Each tiny thing is critical! So you must be more than attentive. The success of your work will depend on your smartness. In the end, you will receive a summary where all your mistakes will be highlighted. So do not hesitate to report anything you find suspicious. If there is no anomaly here – you will get a relevant response from the program. But make sure that you know how to differentiate between the categories of anomalies. There is a whole list of potential wrong things – check the manual to understand how these are classified – from mimic and displacement to several types of intruders.

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