Skibidi Toilet

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A fun and at first glance crazy game that will surprise even the most sophisticated gamer. Run the program and do not forget about your sense of humor.


The product was presented to the public relatively recently. The basis was a viral video, popular among visitors to the YouTube service.
There is no special storyline here. The player can move around all locations and enter different rooms. In almost every one, an incredible creature awaits him – a head, the neck of which goes into the bowels of the sewer. Phantasmagoria will surprise any beginner who has not previously encountered such entities. However, do not expect a catch. The Skibidi Toilet game is quite positive entertainment.
The peculiarity is that the humanoid monster does not attack and does not even try to start a conversation with a visitor to the room. He sings. The song is familiar to all modern netizens who follow the latest in the gaming industry. All that remains for the player is to make a difficult choice. The first option is to send an incredible head on an exciting journey through the drains. The second is to sing along. The words and motive are simple and quite intrusive. Anyone can do the job.

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