Tiny Bunny Episode 4

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Continuation of the sensational series of games. After the release of the first episode, it became clear that fans like not only the visual design, but also the plot component of the horror.


Anton and his friends will have to face the consequences of their actions. Katya is missing and there is no guarantee that she is still alive.
Wanting to escape from household chores, friends go to the forest. A huge and mysterious snow palace appears before their eyes. In the largest hall, Santa Claus sits on an ice throne. The masked face does not arouse any suspicion in children, but it should.
A fun holiday makes children forget about their problems. However, like any other celebration, the New Year’s party is coming to an end.
The next morning the main character will face a new misfortune. It is almost impossible to determine where the real world ends and the other world begins.
The user will have to help friends cope with another terrible adventure. Enemies can be waiting for them at every turn, and behind the mask of a friend, an insidious enemy is hiding.
Becoming a winner is not easy. You need to carefully monitor what is happening and do not forget about the logic. The most resourceful will be able to use this or that object, as well as solve riddles.

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