Amanda The Adventurer 2

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Continuation of the exciting adventures of little Amanda. Evil is not so easy to convince, and no matter how the gamer is sure of his success, reality convinces him of the opposite.


After starting, the user will see a dark room with a huge number of rooms in front of him. Each contains items that must be used to achieve the main goal – defeating a mysterious villain who does not want to leave the house alone.
Objects can be located not only in plain sight. Sometimes the player will need to open a closet, secret door, drawer, etc. Hints can be everywhere.
In addition to searching for items, gamers should not forget about riddles and puzzles. You can find a lot of them in the house. Experience and resourcefulness will help to cope with the next puzzle. If it doesn’t work the first time, no problem. You can always restart the game and start the process from the very first location.
Management is simple. The player will need a keyboard, as well as a regular computer mouse. At the same time, at the first level, the gamer will be given hints – how to open the door, closet, turn off or turn on the flashlight, etc. In this regard, the first 5 minutes should be spent on training in order to react as quickly as possible in the future.

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