Baby In Yellow Black Cat

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A mysterious horror that will appeal to fans of the genre. The player will have to deal with a creepy child and solve the mystery of his past.


The gamer tries on the role of a caring nanny. It is important to take care of the baby so that he is always full, clean and warm. However, the housekeeper soon discovers that in front of her is not just a child, but an insidious villain who is ready to deal with her at any moment.
In the fight against evil, the main character will not be alone. He has a reliable assistant – a black cat, as well as a Newt robot. At the same time, you need to assemble an electronic colleague yourself, and only after that he will be ready to provide his services. There are no assembly instructions, and this is the first puzzle. It is necessary to determine the purpose, as well as the location of various parts.
The house has many rooms. Each contains a large number of different items and puzzles. The presence of a black cat somewhat facilitates the user’s task. He will help to find different riddles. In turn, Newt will help with the decision.
Unfortunately, the player will not be able to immerse themselves 100% in solving problems. The insidious child does not sleep and is ready at any moment to pounce on his nanny.

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