Alternate Watch 2

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Horror fans adore new stories and adventures. Luckily, exciting projects are released every day, and Alternate Watch is one of these. This horror game is designed in a new style – you are not going to fight monsters and evil bosses in this story. On the contrary, you will be completely alone. And still, at times, you will be frightened to death. Are you already intrigued to learn more about this unusual adventure and find out what can scare you so much? It is time to start your first shift and see everything with your own eyes. But do not say that we have not warned you when you feel like running away.

Watch the screen without a stop!

So let’s first discuss what you are supposed to do here. The role you are going to play is a security guard. But the job will be really specific – you will perform it remotely. The player enters a room with a computer that broadcasts an unfamiliar house. You can see it from inside and even switch from one room to another. The place is completely empty, and still, you need to carefully monitor each room there. What can happen if there is nobody in? Wait! You are here to spot various anomalous activities. And be sure you will face a bunch of them. Some of them will be really hardly explicable and sometimes even frightening. Are you brave enough to complete this mission, no matter what you may encounter? Then let’s get started.

Report every suspicious thing!

What should you do if you notice something strange – it may be just a displaced object or furniture or even some sounds and shadows. You must immediately react if you believe something has changed in any of the premises. Find the report button on the screen. Once you press it, a menu will drop down. It will show you a list of possible anomalies – select the one you think you spotted and report it. It will be amended. If you make a wrong alert – the system will respond that you made a mistake. Make sure you wander through all the rooms so as not to miss anything. Sometimes, you may meet weird shadows. This is not your imagination – these are paranormal intruders that also need to be immediately reported. In the end of the game, you will know how well you have coped with your task. A summary of all your actions will show whether you could successfully report all the anomalies. Check your attentiveness.

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